Design your own training course

Go beyond face-to-face training with the goFLUENT e-learning platform: in addition to attending their regular training sessions, learners can make their training faster and even more effective by using their goFLUENT learning path for a tailor-made learning path.

Your trainer will be with you every step of the way – the contents of your e-learning platform and your face-to-face or virtual-classroom training are seamlessly integrated.

These are just a few of the things the goFLUENT platform can offer you:

  • Over 4,500 learning modules – enabling each learner to create a truly individual, tailor-made learning path
  • Up-to-date, authentic video and text content covering all industries from engineering to finance (and many more) allow each learner to expand their professional vocabulary and develop their listening comprehension skills
  • “How To” modules designed for all aspects of learners’ daily work (e.g. meetings, telephoning, negotiations, presentations, reporting, email correspondence and many more)
  • The intelligent goFLUENT learning management system (LMS) enables trainers to support each learner individually, select content for learners and monitor their progress

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